In The Present


Forget Your Yesterday’s!
Live Your Today’s!
Write down Your Tomorrow’s!
Now! In The Present!

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Guard Your Mind

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Everyone loves to see someone who is worse-off then themselves. I guess that’s why reality television has become such a hit lately. Even though at the moment, I don’t own a television, when I   do find myself in front of a reality television show it can be frightening to say the least. The morality is low and it seems like anything goes, as long as the ratings are high. But I wonder, “Who is watching this stuff”? And then I see the audience and I have my answer. It’s usually people with low self-images or none at all, or people who are down and out, who find comfort in other people’s drama. I only get a glimpse of it before my head starts to hurt, and then I have to turn away from it, or ask the owner to change the channel. It’s like the king and his royal fool, it aids in his vanity. “At least I’m not as stupid as the Royal Fool,” the king will say to himself. And “at least my life isn’t as screwed up as theirs,” the television owner will say. Now this is no attempt to attack television as a whole. I think there are good television shows that are out there, they just get pushed aside by shows with the most drama and chaos. It’s scary to think that this is what we’ve come to expect as a society. I don’t know. What do you think? I mean, what can you get out of watching so much television with all that chaos and drama? I guess that’s why we have some many empty minds from watching so many mindless shows, and wide bodies from watching so many wide flat-screen televisions. Hell, I’m no expert; it’s just an observation, as I take an open-minded look at our society and how it has changed.


Earl Nightingale says: “ the disciplined hates the undisciplined”. And the question, although it is quite obvious to a serious thinker, is why. Why does a person, who see someone else living freely within their own created world, despair over the fact that this individual is living how he wants to live? That person will be called frivolous or foolish, or even misguided by the disciplined. Is it because this undisciplined individual just acts instead of just reacting? Now I’m not speaking of undisciplined individuals that create chaos and cause problems in his or her society. They will not be successful in doing that. Only when a person knows where they’re going , and when what they decide to do isn’t hurting anyone else, are they a true success. But I am speaking of this person who tries to escape the monotony of routines and schedules and other externally directed titles or roles. I am talking about the person who decides what he wants out of life more than anything else. And as he works towards this worthy ideal, as Earl Nightingale would say, he slowly drifts away from the junk that doesn’t work for him. All of these roles, that deep down in his soul, he dreads. He escapes from the crowd and works towards becoming more of himself. When I see the undisciplined persons who are themselves, I sense a feeling of warmth and humbleness in their character, almost like a child before it’s taught otherwise. These individuals go about their day in total bliss, embracing every bit of it, good and bad. While the disciplined individuals, tries hard to hold on to the titles and roles they hate, but fear to change. Just a thought, on an old idea.

Bobbing of Apples…


Apple Bobbing is a traditional game that is usually played around Halloween. The apples are placed inside of a bucket of water or tied on a string, while a person tries to grab the apple by the use of the teeth only. The use of the hands are forbidden! In a way life can be seen as a game of bobbing for apples. Just recently, a friend of mine was complaining and a thought came to mind. He said that in the community that he live in, there isn’t a glimmer of progression and that  there isn’t a single individual within miles that he can connect with on a business level. And to that I replied, “the problem is that you’re  bobbing for apples”. And he asked, ” what in the hell does that stupid game have to do with progression?” And I replied, “well that bucket of apples could be rotten, and perhaps you need new apples, or a new bucket, fresh water, and new apples.” In which he replied, ” I get your point.”

“The Unsettled”

Unsettled 2

Quite often I notice the dreary looks on the faces of people in every stitch of my environment.  The beaten, worn down faces of people without hope or direction. The society is moving at such a fast pace that most can’t grasp solid ground to build if they wanted to, but this seems to aid in man’s evolution. It seems that as man is unsettled it forces him to higher grounds, or a better set of circumstances. Have you ever thought about that? What would we all be doing if life had been very easy for us? We’ve all heard stories of kids with “big” inheritances that turn out to be “big”, losers. And our technology alone tells an even tragic story. It seems the more hi-tech gadgets we get, the more lazy we get. Which also results in increased waistlines, and that’s not very helpful at all. So is this the reason for the frightened looks I see on the faces of people daily? Have they just settled? Have they given up on their dreams, hopes? Did they have any in the first place? Just a thought…..

What Is…

what is your mission question - white chalk handwriting on blackboard

“What is, is, and what isn’t, isn’t! We spend so much time focusing on what isn’t that we neglect to appreciate what is!” _anansi2050

Forever Walking In Shadows


Let the past be in the past, pay no mind to the future, and just be, they say, but we continue to walk in our own shadows. Fearful of what has happened and what is yet to come, we bring ourselves to the brink of ruin. With our False Evidence Appearing Real, “FEAR,” we move about life like scared children, never attempting to open the one gift we are all given, our present.

Why is this thing called FEAR so powerful? I think because it was used as a primary tool for teaching. “If you don’t do this, you won’t get that,” they will say, or “if you do this, that will happen,” we are told. These statements and others like them completely strip the individual from itself and I think, stifles real true self-mastery. With this the individual is programmed to spend too much time on what was and what is to come, which is a  major distraction from the self. And most of us–well perhaps all of us, spend years looking out there and back there trying to find ourselves, when all we have to do is look within.

Our Sun and our Moon send down rays of light upon us that reflect off of our bodies, we call them shadows, just as life send us hardships, sorrows, joys and rapture, we call them experiences. But none of this, is us, deep within. These are things that happen to us, not in us, but slowly they chip away. They chip away at that one thing that we call our soul or our spirit, and before long it has us in a trance, not living in the present, but forever walking in shadows.

“Don’t Shoot the Messenger”


Knowledge can come from anyone; black or white, or in between, male or female, child or elderly. It’s just information and somehow our creator uses all of us to teach. So don’t kill me I’m just the messenger, and I speak from an understanding, not entirely of my own. It all came from somewhere and I am just the catalyst, a catalyst for ideas. One great perspective can open the eyes of millions, but only when it’s time.

All too often our “real” teachers or messengers are kept quiet, or in the past, have been slaughtered, to keep the message silent, and keep people in ignorance. To keep man fighting against his brother, is power for another man that’s outside of that particular situation. So–what the hell are you fighting for, if you both want the same thing? There is enough for everyone! Who told you of scarcity? All of our messengers have tried their damnedest  to lead us out of this ignorant state of mind, but yet as time goes on, man is thinking for himself, far less than ever before. Instead of treading his own way, he’s on a bus trip to nowhere,and all the seats are filled to capacity. And somewhere, there is someone waiting with an arrow, ready to get rid of anyone with a message that may awaken the passengers.



“A man should always be moving forward”, I think I have written that before– well at least somewhere. But–what seems to be getting in the way? What keeps forcing man to journey backward? Well as the post title states, it’s his “distractions”, and without stating the actual definition, I will proceed with just a generic idea off the top of my head. Distractions can be described as what we deliberately allow to keep our full attention most of the time or what keeps us off the path that was given to us by a power greater than ourselves.

For starters, I for one, never “profess perfection”, so I also get distracted from time to time. The difference is in my awareness. There are so many things clamoring for our time, some deliberately. As I observe the society I live in, the continent of the “good ole” U.S.A., I see a nation of consumers, and commodities, all packed together like well-polished products.  And this is not meant to downgrade the United States, this includes all countries. And if what I’m saying is not true in your country, just wait, it’ll be knocking at the door soon. The thing is that like those products we see on the shelves, the people can’t think, or rather, don’t think. And at that level of existence, they can’t produce anything worthwhile for themselves, so they produce for others, and feed off the crumbs that are left over. I did mention we are like commodities, didn’t I?

Total awareness of what you allow to distract you from your major goal is important. But, first, and in most cases, there must be a goal set. Do you know there are people living in this world  that haven’t even began to think of what they “really” want? With so many distractions we seem to forget our natural tendency to be good at one thing, sometimes to a level of being excellent at it. But as we become more aware and as we make this major assessment of ourselves, we should discard anything and everything that is not conducive to our major goal. These dam distractions-they are all clamoring for this allotment of 24 hours that we are given each day. And slowly we get off the path from time to time.



Bruce Lee said it best, “you must be formless, like water”,  and, “I can’t teach you what I know until you are willing to get rid of what you know!” Wow, that’s priceless!. And with  all such examples of wise men and doctrines available in public libraries and the internet, man still continues to exist blindly. Earl Nightingale mentioned, ” you won’t learn Socrates by studying Socrates, the man,”–“you learn  Socrates, by studying Socratic thoughts!” That’s what it is, the “thoughts”, that’s what makes the man. What we consume on a daily basis, audio, and visual, can alter our thoughts, as I am sure you already know. So, what are you consuming on a daily basis, as far as your audio and or visual? Is it destructive or constructive? Have you ever questioned it? Does this stuff make sense for this day and age? I think not! As we run around beating anyone in the head that will listen with our beliefs and dogmas handed down to us, by in some cases, very primitive minds. We should be examining ourselves, and asking, “why is it this way?” And, why is there such discrepancies between good and poor music and movies? These questions lead most to bring up conspiracies, but I don’t believe in none of them. Is there an agenda by some? Of course there is! And that agenda is to make money, and lot’s of it. It’s not personal, it’s a machine, and  remember, we are just commodities. But the power is still in man’s hand. It is your decision, to buy it, or to leave it. When will man himself stand up and say “I’ve had enough!” Where are the great thinkers of our time? Chances are they get support from the same machine that taints a society.

Take a good look at society as a whole. Where you find pain and despair you find bad thoughts, bad food, bad music and bad t.v. So what does this prove? Well–people do what they know. And, if all they know is the destructive behavior of celebrity and music artist, then that’s what is spewed out into the environment. It’s funny, well-actually its “tragic”, to see people all being distracted in some way or other, and not paying much attention to themselves. We have a task to complete on earth, and no one knows when their mission is over or if it’ll self destruct because of inaction.