To be in judgement of thee is to be in judgement of me. So let me begin.

“Once man knows God he will not beg,” says Emerson. So therefore all his actions will be a prayer. God is the all being, the source, the energy. So thereby doing certain things good or bad we become those things. And in that we are praying by our deeds and actions. Oh, and I did say “Let Thy Work be Thy Prayer”.

  We laugh looking askance at the tribal men and women of our ancestry, dancing with the stamp of the feet and the wiggle of the waist; then again we fail to see our foolish ways. These men and women are in prayer.

  Not one word is spoken, outside of a primitive tribal shriek of excitement, which bellows out more scripture then 1000 preachers, at one pew, at one church, at the same time, so silently.

  We walk blindly and only see what our entrapped minds allow us to see. Our food dulls our sense of smell and taste, loud noises dulls our hearing, televisions and movies blows out the wick of the candle in both irises.

  Man has become an automaton, treading the earth in a calculated destruction. He creates chemicals that destroy the oxygen that consummate his life. Creates governments and has rule and power over both sides. Yet he adamantly preaches checks and balances in the University where “true” understanding is capped at the level of the dunce.

  In an era where true conversations acquiesce, and nonsense and foolishness is in the spotlight, we’ve become great imitators. But whom are we imitating, but those who are following customs laid before their own feet, unchecked?

  Deep within I scream in horror at the repeated phrases of great men, past and gone, in the mouth of a fool, who can’t preach it well for lack of true comprehension. To comprehend well you must experience much, yet your experiences will be much different, but similar.

  Life is a maze encumbered by journeymen and sheep. The true man on the journey explores her stripped of any descriptions, whilst the sheep graze and feed straightforward into brick walls and revolving doors.




            _TH’ANDRE’ LE’RON

The Cow With The Golden Milk

The Cow with the Golden Milk

On a farm on a bright summer day.

Sat Farmer Charles James and his son on a bale of hay.

Look at Tracie the cow more precious than silk.

Yes, said his father. That’s the cow with the golden milk. Wow! Said his son. Golden milk from a cow! Yes, said his father. But let me explain now.

There are two choices you have on this farm son. You can have the cow that produces the golden milk or the Golden milk itself, but you must choose one.

With the golden milk you could purchase all that you can ever dream of. You can buy homes and cars and vacations, all kinds of stuff. The sky’s the limit, whatever your heart’s desire. But one day that golden milk will expire.

Wow, so all that I have would be lost, because the milk would expire and I couldn’t pay the cost?

That’s right son, because of your losses you would be quite sore; but if you owned the cow that produces the golden milk you could always produce more.

I’m not Writing just to say I’m Right… :)

I’m not Writing just to say I’m Right!!

Like most people that blog, I write because I love to write. In other words, it’s just an opinion—my opinion. And an opinion is just that, a person’s view based on the knowledge that they have at hand.

Sometimes I find that I am wrong and I adjust. The factual information was just not readily available to me at the time or I just ignored the obvious, so I may state things that may ruffle a few feathers here or there. But is that all so bad if it warrants a correction from my audience? No! I learn a lot from my fellow bloggers, those that agree and those who might disagree. When a question arises, I examine my thoughts, compare it to the facts they present, and no offense is taken because of that correction. It’s a free education. Lol!

What makes it all worth the trouble is the fact that we can all bounce ideas (Opinions) off of each other, no matter how absurd, and just maybe, we will all begin to think. Well–at least just a little.

I figured I would post the idea that most of us are not experts, just a few good people with big ideas to post on a forum such as WordPress.




Hypnotic Rhythm




I heard a comment the other day and it stopped me dead in my tracks–well at least mentally. This comment has probably been repeated for ages but the person that said it spoke with so much conviction that I don’t think they knew the impact it had on a serious listener. This individual, like most people, was spewing out things so fast, I don’t think they noticed the heart intervening with their rant when they mentioned the word; L.O.V.E. This person seemed to think L.O.V.E. doesn’t exist anymore. They thought that things were somehow better in the old days. I bet people in the old days probably thought the same thing, but that’s beside the point.

 This rant from this stranger got me to thinking about the hypnotic rhythm mentioned by the late Napoleon Hill in his latest book. Might I add early, this book is not for the simple-minded or the faint of heart. You must be truly committed to self-examination to find the treasure that is within this book which was written in the late 1930’s to 40’s but wasn’t published until 2011. But this idea of a hypnotic rhythm stuck with me the most and like most thinkers I delve deeper, not in the book per se, but into my own mind. And what I found in that attic was startling. There were more questions than insight. Questions such as; What if there is a natural flow of things and I have been all wrong? What if everything– is just energy, positive and negative? And– why do our societies seem to perpetuate the negative? And lastly– who else knows what I know?

Now these questions can be quite scary for the person who lives an idle life and conforms to tradition. And on the other hand a major confirmation for those who “think”. What I mean is–it’s hard to go around loving everyone like a hippie when there is no love returned. But it’s necessary and could offset some of the tragedies we’ve seen throughout history.

As far as positive and negative, I think we absorb what we chose to absorb. It is all part of life, the good and the bad. The only thing about that is, after doing a certain thing for so long it becomes a rhythm that we cannot break away from, called habit. And remember the little ones we have in training, they’re watching and learning.

How about our society’s love of the negative aspect of things? There seems to be a lot of thrill seekers in the world. People seem to be in love with fear and violence. I think this perpetuation of the negative forces people towards what they think is a safer alternative. The problem is the alternative can be just as deadly for one. And secondly, they are not in control of their own lives. Someone else is making the decisions for them. How many people, can actually say, that they live a life, that they have fully examined, and that this life they chose was made by them only? Not many, and I am certain of that. So evaluate your fears and see if the alternative is any better. As a matter of fact, decide for yourself, from the many choices under the sun, the true path that resonates with your heart.

Now for the last question; who else knows what I know? For starters, I’m not one for conspiracy theories. Why? Because, I believe at any time you can walk away from all labels, dogmas, and external distractions that were inherited by you after birth. But there seems to be a fear of a secret society, and I’m not saying that it doesn’t exist. I’m just saying that there is no secret unless you are conforming. Even joining such groups is a form of conformity. There’s rituals, and sayings and symbols. Who came up with this stuff? And why is using your mind to think for yourself such a problem?  The rhythm of love has always been there, it just has been silenced the more we become advanced as human beings. L.O.V.E. does exist. You must choose. These are just thoughts.




Earl Nightingale says: “ the disciplined hates the undisciplined”. And the question, although it is quite obvious to a serious thinker, is why. Why does a person, who see someone else living freely within their own created world, despair over the fact that this individual is living how he wants to live? That person will be called frivolous or foolish, or even misguided by the disciplined. Is it because this undisciplined individual just acts instead of just reacting? Now I’m not speaking of undisciplined individuals that create chaos and cause problems in his or her society. They will not be successful in doing that. Only when a person knows where they’re going , and when what they decide to do isn’t hurting anyone else, are they a true success. But I am speaking of this person who tries to escape the monotony of routines and schedules and other externally directed titles or roles. I am talking about the person who decides what he wants out of life more than anything else. And as he works towards this worthy ideal, as Earl Nightingale would say, he slowly drifts away from the junk that doesn’t work for him. All of these roles, that deep down in his soul, he dreads. He escapes from the crowd and works towards becoming more of himself. When I see the undisciplined persons who are themselves, I sense a feeling of warmth and humbleness in their character, almost like a child before it’s taught otherwise. These individuals go about their day in total bliss, embracing every bit of it, good and bad. While the disciplined individuals, tries hard to hold on to the titles and roles they hate, but fear to change. Just a thought, on an old idea.

Bobbing of Apples…


Apple Bobbing is a traditional game that is usually played around Halloween. The apples are placed inside of a bucket of water or tied on a string, while a person tries to grab the apple by the use of the teeth only. The use of the hands are forbidden! In a way life can be seen as a game of bobbing for apples. Just recently, a friend of mine was complaining and a thought came to mind. He said that in the community that he live in, there isn’t a glimmer of progression and that  there isn’t a single individual within miles that he can connect with on a business level. And to that I replied, “the problem is that you’re  bobbing for apples”. And he asked, ” what in the hell does that stupid game have to do with progression?” And I replied, “well that bucket of apples could be rotten, and perhaps you need new apples, or a new bucket, fresh water, and new apples.” In which he replied, ” I get your point.”

“The Unsettled”

Unsettled 2

Quite often I notice the dreary looks on the faces of people in every stitch of my environment.  The beaten, worn down faces of people without hope or direction. The society is moving at such a fast pace that most can’t grasp solid ground to build if they wanted to, but this seems to aid in man’s evolution. It seems that as man is unsettled it forces him to higher grounds, or a better set of circumstances. Have you ever thought about that? What would we all be doing if life had been very easy for us? We’ve all heard stories of kids with “big” inheritances that turn out to be “big”, losers. And our technology alone tells an even tragic story. It seems the more hi-tech gadgets we get, the more lazy we get. Which also results in increased waistlines, and that’s not very helpful at all. So is this the reason for the frightened looks I see on the faces of people daily? Have they just settled? Have they given up on their dreams, hopes? Did they have any in the first place? Just a thought…..

What Is…

what is your mission question - white chalk handwriting on blackboard

“What is, is, and what isn’t, isn’t! We spend so much time focusing on what isn’t that we neglect to appreciate what is!” _anansi2050

Forever Walking In Shadows


Let the past be in the past, pay no mind to the future, and just be, they say, but we continue to walk in our own shadows. Fearful of what has happened and what is yet to come, we bring ourselves to the brink of ruin. With our False Evidence Appearing Real, “FEAR,” we move about life like scared children, never attempting to open the one gift we are all given, our present.

Why is this thing called FEAR so powerful? I think because it was used as a primary tool for teaching. “If you don’t do this, you won’t get that,” they will say, or “if you do this, that will happen,” we are told. These statements and others like them completely strip the individual from itself and I think, stifles real true self-mastery. With this the individual is programmed to spend too much time on what was and what is to come, which is a  major distraction from the self. And most of us–well perhaps all of us, spend years looking out there and back there trying to find ourselves, when all we have to do is look within.

Our Sun and our Moon send down rays of light upon us that reflect off of our bodies, we call them shadows, just as life send us hardships, sorrows, joys and rapture, we call them experiences. But none of this, is us, deep within. These are things that happen to us, not in us, but slowly they chip away. They chip away at that one thing that we call our soul or our spirit, and before long it has us in a trance, not living in the present, but forever walking in shadows.