The Cow With The Golden Milk

The Cow with the Golden Milk

On a farm on a bright summer day.

Sat Farmer Charles James and his son on a bale of hay.

Look at Tracie the cow more precious than silk.

Yes, said his father. That’s the cow with the golden milk. Wow! Said his son. Golden milk from a cow! Yes, said his father. But let me explain now.

There are two choices you have on this farm son. You can have the cow that produces the golden milk or the Golden milk itself, but you must choose one.

With the golden milk you could purchase all that you can ever dream of. You can buy homes and cars and vacations, all kinds of stuff. The sky’s the limit, whatever your heart’s desire. But one day that golden milk will expire.

Wow, so all that I have would be lost, because the milk would expire and I couldn’t pay the cost?

That’s right son, because of your losses you would be quite sore; but if you owned the cow that produces the golden milk you could always produce more.


101 comments on “The Cow With The Golden Milk

  1. Very nice story 😊 I read a similar story in French when I was at primary school. It was ‘Clodette et le Pot au Lait ‘. Thank you for sharing and bringing back those delicious childhood memories 😀

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  2. Dear friend,

    It is the same with God and wishes: if we could choose whatever we want, because of our wishes, but when they are limited, then it is a better choice to choose God who is behind all, who is the root of all – the wishes are only the smyptomes, the shadow of the light, the sun Himself…

    Thank you so much
    Have a great day

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  3. Thanks for the follow! Right back at you =)

    I’ve never heard a story like this before. Pretty rhythm and striking imagery… golden milk really stands out to me. What inspired you to write this particular story?

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    • Thank you. Its my spin on an old fable. ” The Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs”, well I think that’s what its called. Its where a father schools his son to be aware of investing after the golden eggs of life but instead

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