Hypnotic Rhythm




I heard a comment the other day and it stopped me dead in my tracks–well at least mentally. This comment has probably been repeated for ages but the person that said it spoke with so much conviction that I don’t think they knew the impact it had on a serious listener. This individual, like most people, was spewing out things so fast, I don’t think they noticed the heart intervening with their rant when they mentioned the word; L.O.V.E. This person seemed to think L.O.V.E. doesn’t exist anymore. They thought that things were somehow better in the old days. I bet people in the old days probably thought the same thing, but that’s beside the point.

 This rant from this stranger got me to thinking about the hypnotic rhythm mentioned by the late Napoleon Hill in his latest book. Might I add early, this book is not for the simple-minded or the faint of heart. You must be truly committed to self-examination to find the treasure that is within this book which was written in the late 1930’s to 40’s but wasn’t published until 2011. But this idea of a hypnotic rhythm stuck with me the most and like most thinkers I delve deeper, not in the book per se, but into my own mind. And what I found in that attic was startling. There were more questions than insight. Questions such as; What if there is a natural flow of things and I have been all wrong? What if everything– is just energy, positive and negative? And– why do our societies seem to perpetuate the negative? And lastly– who else knows what I know?

Now these questions can be quite scary for the person who lives an idle life and conforms to tradition. And on the other hand a major confirmation for those who “think”. What I mean is–it’s hard to go around loving everyone like a hippie when there is no love returned. But it’s necessary and could offset some of the tragedies we’ve seen throughout history.

As far as positive and negative, I think we absorb what we chose to absorb. It is all part of life, the good and the bad. The only thing about that is, after doing a certain thing for so long it becomes a rhythm that we cannot break away from, called habit. And remember the little ones we have in training, they’re watching and learning.

How about our society’s love of the negative aspect of things? There seems to be a lot of thrill seekers in the world. People seem to be in love with fear and violence. I think this perpetuation of the negative forces people towards what they think is a safer alternative. The problem is the alternative can be just as deadly for one. And secondly, they are not in control of their own lives. Someone else is making the decisions for them. How many people, can actually say, that they live a life, that they have fully examined, and that this life they chose was made by them only? Not many, and I am certain of that. So evaluate your fears and see if the alternative is any better. As a matter of fact, decide for yourself, from the many choices under the sun, the true path that resonates with your heart.

Now for the last question; who else knows what I know? For starters, I’m not one for conspiracy theories. Why? Because, I believe at any time you can walk away from all labels, dogmas, and external distractions that were inherited by you after birth. But there seems to be a fear of a secret society, and I’m not saying that it doesn’t exist. I’m just saying that there is no secret unless you are conforming. Even joining such groups is a form of conformity. There’s rituals, and sayings and symbols. Who came up with this stuff? And why is using your mind to think for yourself such a problem?  The rhythm of love has always been there, it just has been silenced the more we become advanced as human beings. L.O.V.E. does exist. You must choose. These are just thoughts.