Why Don’t We Question?


Why this group has, and that group doesn’t? Why is this area down-trodden and that area so pristine? Why don’t we ask why is it so dangerous here but safe over there? Why aren’t we asking the right questions? Why aren’t we asking questions that will warrant great answers? Well–probably because of the fear of answering the right questions. Answering the right questions calls for “Action”, and Self-Examination”, two things, men dread!


Monday Morning Jitters


Why are people so miserable on Monday morning? Isn’t it just like any other day? Perhaps not, but lets explore. Why are most people miserable on Mondays? Well I hear the same complaints;  “I’m Tired” being No.1  and “The Weekend was too Short”, falls behind at No.2. So lets start with No. 1, “I’m tired”. Well–why are you so damn tired? “I partied all weekend”, they’ll say or “I chased the grandkids or the dog around the backyard”, or whatever reason they’ll come up with, they’re tired, and rightly so-I guess. But why are they tired every Monday? And when will they learn that if work is so strenuous through the week, perhaps they should relax on the weekend. And if this isn’t at all feasible, relax some and then play some. Your body needs some rest, so discipline yourself to have just a little bit of fun on the weekends. Perhaps even try to have some fun daily. That’s what I usually do, and by spreading the fun through my week, it keeps everyday exciting and put less strain on my weekend.

How about the No.2 complaint, “The Weekend being too Short?” This sort of ties into the first complaint. We spend Monday through Friday thinking of all the fun things to do on the weekend and “my goodness”, we try to fit five days of fun into two days, which is impossible. It’s like trying to devour a 20 lb. turkey in one setting, by yourself. It wont work unless you break it up and spread it out over more than two days. Try seven.

The “Despised” Thinker


You think I didn’t know, that you despise my thoughts and ideas? My voice, you think I didn’t know, that you hate this  heavy, thunderous voice of mine, the kind only fit for a king? You think that I didn’t know that you detected my consciousness, by mere question, something with which, I never hid, and you are in awe with the responses that I continue to give? Yet- I wish you no harm, and love you as I’ve come to love myself, and I offer you freedom too!..



It’s not that man “can’t handle the Truth”, he just doesn’t “want the Truth!” He doesn’t want it from you, and he doesn’t want it from himself. For example; just as man starts to feel great about himself, some old programming, way back in the subconscious reminds him that he is a failure. So unconsciously, he reverts back to, well–himself. Such a small trip, a minute taste of success, but that is the way he lives his life, forever evading the Truth, that he can only summon himself.

How about the Truth in others? Why does man dislike others who are living or pursuing their own Truth? Well, perhaps, it’s because it forces him to change. You see, the EGO likes to compete, so when man sees another searching for their own truth, envy starts to flare, and man begins to take part in something he wouldn’t have otherwise paid any attention to. So he does this half-ass job trying to compete while the other person continues to pull far ahead. This other person succeeds  because it is his vision and his heart is in it. But the  envy builds  and man finally figures he’d rather wipe the world clean of people who seek for truth, because his  poor, “little” self, has yet to find his own way. Well–you know the rest, our history speaks Truth–if you decide to hear.


You are a combination of good and bad, ups and downs. Your special set of circumstances, brought about your special perspective. This is what makes you unique. There isn’t another person on the planet that’s exactly like you, you’ve heard it before. But, you are “NOT”, self-made, your awareness alone doesn’t solidify that. All it does is make you aware of “NOW”. You can’t change your past, that’s done!”. Perhaps you can alter your future by what you are doing now but that’s not a definite. If your circumstances didn’t warrant your present successes or failures, you would’ve never tasted them. So there we have it, you are a combination of heredity, genetics, environments, experiences, etc., you are “NOT” self-made! Think about it! Silence the arrogance! Respect everything!


The ” Truth” is so despised by the common man that it wouldn’t be spat upon if it caught fire! _ anansi2050

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Peace of Mind


Don’t worry yourself much searching for me. Search for yourself and you will see, that when you find you, you’ll find me…__anansi2050

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What’s in a Title?

Webster’s dictionary has the definition of the word Title as: The name given to something to identify or describe it. And as I analyze this definition it sparks an idea. We are either trying to live up to an externally imposed Title, and never really hitting the mark, hitting the target dead on, no more, no less, or exceeding this Title by leaps and bounds, the later being the rarest case.
       You might be saying, ” what’s the issue with that? ” Well the issue is that your Title could be something meaningful like a father, mother, or child, or something useless like a loser, Jack- ass or an ox. Take a look at that definition again. A description given to something to identify or describe it. What’s a father? Do you know? What’s a man? What’s a woman? Do you know? In actuality we know very little about our total potential because we have been a Title since birth, and when you give  something a Title you stifle its true possibilities, you negate the person, if we’re talking about humans. When you describe a human being by it’s race, gender, age etc., and then associate that description with attributes that are good or bad, you limit him or her as an individual. They will live and grow according to that standard that is set by the society in which they live. And once again, individualism becomes obsolete.

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You know, I keep hearing this THEY a lot. We seem to live our lives like puppets always concerned about what THEY say, or what THEY do, or what THEY want. Who the hell are THEY? Have you ever thought about that? This THEY has been sculpting our world, at least up to the point of this post I hope.

What about that beautiful woman walking in those 6 inch stilettos, walking ever so cautiously, as not to trip over and kiss the asphalt. Why isn’t she saying to herself–“what the hell am I doing with these godforsaken shoes on?” “They are uncomfortable as hell and they’re killing my ankles.” And how about that man, the fathead with all the muscle? How big is BIG? Why isn’t he asking him self, “what am I trying to accomplish”, especially if he’s not an actor or competitor? What’s his purpose? What’s hers? You’ve guessed it, it’s all about becoming a part of the infamous group called THEY, and the hell with individualism.

Well I love being an Individual and I say the hell with THEY!. I’m like that fork that you use on your dinner plate, I will poke and pick aside the garbage and consume what I want, and so should you. Just a thought which came to me after reading a phrase from Gestalt Therapy Verbatim, by Fritz Perls, and it goes:

I do my thing and you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, And you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, its beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped. (Fritz Perls, “Gestalt Therapy Verbatim”, 1969).